22 thoughts on “taking the plunge

    • hi there,

      it is 120 meter (360 feet) tall. during our trip last year, they were constructing a new trail downhill for a closer view of the waterfall. hope that you’ll find this info useful.



    • there’s a lookout point on the left side of the hill. we parked our rented car and it requires a 30 minutes walk towards that area to get this view. it took us 45 minutes (with our children, of course!:D) to get to that place.

    • really appreciate it. traveling is an amazing experience and i’m intrigued to go to places that you’ve been to (thanks for directing me to yours!) have a nice day!

    • a place made more remarkable by the volcanoes and mountains. even though i’m from malaysia, i have to admit that indonesia is a unique country indeed. thanks sheila. 😉

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