a pic a day (day 164)

the cool sea breeze brought an unforgettable feeling of eclecticism (and a bit of theleretism) under the scorching afternoon sun with the wide muddy beach facing the strait of malacca in kelanang beach, near banting. august 2007.

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a pic a day (day 163)

while looking for any living insects or reptiles near my parents’ home in ketereh, i found a creeping vine plant that was quite familiar. the stinky but edible ripe fruit of a passion flower, protected by its bract gave a creepy sight that seemed to be somehow the lovechild of the antagonist from the day of the triffids and a suicide bomber. december 2007.

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a pic a day (day 158)

after walking more than 5 km encircling the heart of melbourne cbd, we finally met the first landmark of the city, st. paul’s cathedral. built in 1885 and inspired by gothic revival architecture, the cathedral brought back our hearts and minds to the previous cathedral that we discovered a few days earlier back in christchurch and acted as a swan song for our whole journey. pic of the north face and spire was taken from swanston street in june 2010.

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