a pic a day (day 284)

i might be wrong, but i still believe that this is the place where peter jackson rendered helm’s deep, the rohirrim garrison against the siege where the battle of hornburg was fought in the two towers. the tasman valley lies between mount cook range (left) and the burnett mountains (right) and fed by tasman glacier and murchison glacier. mt. tasman, at 3,497m, the 2nd highest mountain in new zealand with the peak clearly visible in the left of the picture. taken from mount cook airport june 2010.

the location:

two pics today (day 283)

the 4th visit (and the 2nd trip in 3 days) to the forest research institute malaysia to witness the crown shyness phenomenon of the camphor tree finally came fruitful yesterday after initially missing the trail. the wide view of the canopy with its puzzle like pattern of the individual crowns leaving gaps was achieved by overcoming swarms of mosquitoes and other damning insects along the trail. and the place is only 9km from where we live, november 2011.

using zoom function of the compact s95 as i was too mesmerised by the heavenly perspective, or too lazy to swap the lenses of the dslr:

the location: