when i am not working full time as a civil servant and part time as a boardgamer, i am a husband and a father to two. i don’t do this role nearly as well, but i am more proud of this achievement than any of the others.

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  1. Hi nitzus, thanks for coming by my blog.
    I am enjoying your photos and being able to get a fresh view of a part of the world that I do not know at all.
    Great masthead photo – it suits your blog perfectly.

  2. Thank you for ‘liking’ several of my photos and for choosing to follow my postings. Thank you, too, for introducing me to your superb collection of photos from your travels. It is interesting to compare our different subjects. Your photos are of colourful and exotic locations. The ones of mine you liked were, with one exception, taken within 400 metres of my house.

    • hi louis, thanks for the return visit. unlike you, i live and work in the suburban concrete jungle of kuala lumpur, malaysia and need to constantly get out of the place (and country) to sample the natures of the world. πŸ™‚

  3. Salam sejahtera Nitzus! So great to connect with a fellow Malaysian in bloggersphere! Thank you so much for the stars left on my blog. I love your amazing collection of photos here and the little stories that accompany them. You have a beautiful family. Happy travels. I will be back!

  4. Hi Nitzus,
    I enjoyed going through your photos. We have been to Malaysia twice to scuba dive and we hope to return to your incredible country. Thanks for following my photos – its always great to get feedback from fellow photographers.

    • hi scott,

      thanks for your return visits. i’m glad and really honoured to hear that you’ve been to malaysia and the fact that you loving it. where have you been scuba diving, anyway? was it in mabul-sipadan islands off borneo?


  5. I went to your post “three pics today (day 333)” and the interesting thing is that 33 people liked it! The numbers 33, 333 etc. have significance for me! That’s why I didn’t “like” it, so 34 people would then like it!

    • thank you sherry for the return visit. i didn’t realise about the statistics and really grateful for the heads up! cheers! love your travel blog as well!

  6. Hello – I noticed that you stopped-by my blog the other day…thank you for visiting and for letting me know you were there.

    I’ve enjoyed browsing through your blog…I like that you put the map/location of the photo. Nice touch.

      • btw, mike scott is god and the return of pan is one of my favourite song of his. it’s a shame that i didn’t manage to catch them live while studying in london in the 90’s. πŸ˜‰

    • hi great god pan, thank you for the return visit. i’m pretty late to the boardgames scene so most of my collection (since 2007) are eurogames (or designer games). i haven’t own any serious wargames yet but i do have fantasy flight games’ tide of iron and days of wonder’s memoir ’44. also planning to get some serious ones but have to wait for my 6 year old son to get wiser. i think he’ll be a good opponent for wargaming and that is still years away.
      i know avalon hill’s games and i believe they are quite pricey since they are out of print and maybe you can get a fortune if you sell them on ebay.

      • ill hold onto the games …i may even find the time to play them again someday…if i can find an opponent…….i would love to mike scott and the waterboys………………………..excellent songwriter.

      • same excuses that i gave to my wife every time i bought a new game. now i have more than 160 boardgames and cardgames and most still remain unplayed. πŸ˜‰

      • haha….yes ive seen your shrine………i have an epic napoleonic era game called age of empires…its a monster war,diplomatic and economic game covering the whole napoleonic saga….its complicated as hell and needs 8 players to really come into its own…over 200 hours to play….needless to say….never been played.

  7. Hello Nitzus,
    Thanks so much for dropping in at my blog. You have lovely photos here. It’s a wonderful thing that you have included a map where these photos were taken. Very thoughtful thing to do.

  8. Hello Nitzus,

    I hope it is not too late to wish you a wonderful New Year. May 2013 bring you more happiness, love, and success. I would like to thank you because you continue following my blog. I hope my blog posts do not disappoint and that your visits in there have been a joyful ride.

    My subscription went messed up, and now I am resubscribing, looking forward to reading more of your wonderful photos! Thank you again, many blessings and much love to you. πŸ™‚

    Subhan Zein

  9. Hi nitzus,

    Apologies for not writing here earlier.. Am still trying to work out what’s best practice for a “once in a while” blogger like me.. I must say thank you for the likes. πŸ™‚
    About your pics, at first I thought you were a professional.. haha! You take care.


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