ekki múkk

oraunverulegur / Þú birtist mér / engum öðrum / og verður að engu
við höldum andanum / eins lengi og / við getum náð / við lokum augunum
höldum fyrir eyrun / heyrist ekki múkk
andardráttur / hjartasláttur / andann köfum niður / og leggjumst

– sigur rós

the little cracks, they escalated

i knew a movie once, called once, a 2006 little sleeper movie which i considered as one of the most beautifully honest film about love and hope. another chance encounter with one of the outstanding soundtracks today exudes a non stop rotation in my mind that i need to click that damn “add new post” here to liberate those accumulated emotions. 🙂

jesus is not a hallucinogenic mushroom

it’s not everyday that you hear an association been made between jesus and hallucinogenic mushrooms but by googling those three words alone, you will get more than a million results. but that is another topic (or shall we say conspiracy) to tackle.

it’s even scarcer if those were included in a deeply personal lyrics of a man that went through mental illness, shock treatments, imprisonment and other harrowing life experiences.

he is one of the few artists that went unnoticed (from my personal radar) but once tasted, came with a bang. after repeat listens, now i’m one of the converted few. his raw music and emotions are making me gently weep with sad and joy. my 4 year old son frequent mumble hummings of “jesus met moses, drinking from a well…” sometimes are making me thinking of an eternal damnation in hell when i should expose him to the likes of maher zain et al, but what the hell……

please meet roky erickson, for your consideration: