24 thoughts on “lily of the nile

    • hi sharon.

      this photo was taken in the hillbrow bungalow well-tended garden. the gardener must’ve been inspired by samwise gamgee then.. πŸ˜‰

      thanks for your lovely comments!

  1. Not surprisingly, as I’m in the midst of getting a garden of *my own* underway at our house, now that we’re settled in, I’m especially attracted to lovely flower and plant shots. I like that you captured the sleek bud stage of the agapanthus, which is dramatic but in a much subtler way than in full bloom.

    • hi kathryn,

      i’m glad to hear that you’ve finally settled in. good luck in designing you dream garden. i’m sure it’ll contribute and inspire you for many more lovely paintings and engaging writings. looking forward for you blog post(s) on that soon!

      regards nizam.

  2. We used to have many of these lovely agapanthus in our garden. Our Doberman used to wait for the flowers to appear and then bite them off. Luckily he didn’t have access to the whole garden. πŸ˜‰ Lovely photo, nizam

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