14 thoughts on “giving you the tongue

    • their tails and jaws are quite powerful. obviously you don’t want to pet him on the head (or any body parts), just marvel him from a safe distant. 🙂

    • thanks george. i was advised by the local caterer that fed him leftovers not to get too close to him especially his jaw and his deadly tail. he even showed me a scar near his thumb of being bitten by one of those beasts! scary ain’t it.

  1. I would imagine that if the Monitor has even a quarter of the strength and speed of a Komodo Dragon he’s best appreciated from a *very* safe distance! But what a fantastic beast!! Great shot of him.

    • he is, but a bit spoilt and bloated by the food leftovers from the tour caterers. i was only 5 meters from him when i took the photo but you still need some space inbetween.

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