16 thoughts on “the one and only

    • yeah, me too. it feels so relaxing just to look at the photos which remind me of those beautiful places i’ve been and i really longed to revisit such places again 🙂 thanks lizabeth!

    • thanks angeline. this photo is taken during an early afternoon when the sun is at its most efficient in stinging and burning my skin. after a few hours strolling down the beach, i decided that i couldn’t take it anymore, hence the outcome from the comfort of the shady tree 🙂

  1. Ahhhhhh, this must be Paradise!
    Love your image! I just want to run down the dock and jump in! Oops…I see it’s for the ferry. Oh well. I could walk on it!

    • this is nothing compared to the clear waters off sipadan and mabul islands, really famous islands on the east coast of sabah/borneo. you should google some images of the islands. emmm, maybe i’ll visit those places next year. 🙂

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