4 thoughts on “friendly visitor

  1. So good to see a different sun bird in your place 🙂

    I have been following a sun bird and it’s nest building activities for last 3 weeks, and now it’s incubating its eggs.

    My last post was also on them 🙂

    When I visited Malaysia, I found it really interesting to see many common flora and fauna compared to my native in Kerala, South India.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • i have these pair of sunbirds frequenting the turks cap flowers inside my terrace house coumpound. really easy to get good photos of them.

      btw, how did you find malaysia, much to your liking? 😁
      i’ve never been to india although my wife always nagging me to put india as one of our future trips. now that travels are put on hold, india has to wait. 😃

      • As soon as we landed in Malaysia, we could feel connected to it.

        The landscape, greenery and the kind of plants and trees are all similar to my home place in South India, Kerala.

        As we had our relatives, it was much easier for us to move around and explore KL and other places around.

        Sadly we couldn’t spent much time there and definitely looking forward to visit again.

        You are most welcome to India and we all have to wait till this pandemic situation eases, right?

        Till then, we can all share the beauty around us in this great platform and make each other longing to travel as soon as it possible 🙂

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