a pic a day (day 75)

the infamous victory house in jalan lady maxwell, fraser’s hill, pahang laid in ruins and left to rot with nature. the allegedly haunted bungalow was built in the 20’s (original 1930’s pic here) and evidently had been changing hands multiple times, all ended up being abandoned by its previous owners. the pic was taken in december 2007 while on a trespassing violation to view up close and personal of the said structure accompanied by my 2 brothers (for an obvious reason). unluckily luckily we were not greeted, spooked, possessed or even molested by the apparitional resident (or residents) or else our mother would be without her 3 sons (out of 4) by now. since then the bungalow was sold for rm 950,000, went through a make over, renovation completed and finally deserted again soon after until today.

the location:

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