a pic a day (day 74)

during my schoolyears in the early 90’s, i had always been fascinated by the taiping war cemetery, near bukit larut, taiping everytime i passed the mowed greens with hundreds of white headstones lining up in orderly rows upon rows, which reminded me of other military cemeteries from the west, especially the normandy american cemetery and memorial. but being stupider than i am now, i had never bothered to explore the place then.
however, in january 2008, during a work related outing, i begged a colleague of mine who was driving to pull over and let me have a go at it for a short period of time. in my haste not to bore him and the others (who showed not a slightest bit of interest), i jogged towards the cemetery compound, which is maintained by the commonwealth war graves commission, in awe of the cleanliness and tidiness of the place and managed to capture a few pics that sadly were below average in quality. this was the most presentable of the lot.

the location:

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