so long, my dear

my companion of 17 years, zack passed away on 11th march 2017 due to her metastases after surviving breast cancer for 4 years. on a trail near wave rock, hyden. wheatbelt region september 2016.

the location:

22 thoughts on “so long, my dear

    • thank you theadora. she had her relapse during our travel to western australia in september last year. she predicted that she would survive for another 6 months and she was right.

    • my wife already predicted that she will hold on up to 6 months since the relapse in september and she was right. during that time, we already made the necessary arrangements and she trained me to take up her role and manage our 2 children. they are 11 and 9 year olds. thanks dear.

      • She sounds a remarkable woman. Here there was a programme about Rio Ferdinand and his three children dealing with loss of their much loved wife and mother, also from breast cancer. I imagine you would recognise the pain of the grief they are dealing with.

      • I watched it on catch up this weekend. I found very moving; seeing him facing his grief and trying to do the best for his children, was both painful and hopeful. He was so raw.

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