25 thoughts on “a wandering wasp

  1. Okay, first up, I didn’t even KNOW a blue wasp existed (my first thought at seeing this image was, oh, nice photo manipulation). A google search later and yep, there it is…the “blue mud dauber wasp”…cool!

    Secondly, nicely composed. The wasp seems to have some emotion here, like, it’s been a hard day and he simply needed a breather. 😉

    • i wasn’t aware of the blue colour until i transferred the image to the pc. and the only manipulation i did was some brightening and a bit of cropping and sharpening. and really really glad that you like it tracy! :mrgreen:

    • i think a bee would have some abdomen hairs while this guy looked quite clean with a vicious looking sting. and in the process you made me researched on some carpenter bees and i thank you for that. cheers russel!

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