14 thoughts on “downstream

  1. Looks like a wonderfully lazy downstream paddle. I love to canoe and kayak. Thanks for adding the map to your posts, I enjoy seeing exactly where these photos are, It opens my eyes to the beauty of the country. I did not know there were such lazy rivers in your country.

    • hi maggie, the first thing i want to know if i ever see a captivating photo is its location and the accompanying google map is the best possible way to help others who feel the same. malaysia is quite flat in the coastal region and there are many lazy rivers, the river in the picture is only 2km from the open sea. cheers.

  2. Mangrove trees! So that’s what they look like. Beautiful shot as always. Your posts are a National Geographic tour. Thanks!

    • no crocodiles, there were just monitors, banded kraits, pythons, otters, etc, mostly harmless ones (according to our guide). it’s not really wild, we were in an eco tour, safely tucked on a riverboat. 🙂

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