8 thoughts on “watching them watching me

  1. Beautiful country that I recall happy times living amongst
    Loved trout fishing all up through that area , Bright is a magical place also
    Great pic
    Aussie Emu aka Ian

    • hi ian,
      we did spent a chilly night at bright. it was a remarkable place. and we’ll be visiting for a 12 day road trip again this coming november from sydney-melb-adelaide-canberra and back to sydney.

  2. Thanks for visiting my site. 🙂

    These guys look a lot like the ones we see here in Utah — same expression of curiosity, same wonder, VERY different landscape! Yours so lush, ours a desert.

    • thanks karmen for the return visit. by the way, by the way, i’ve never been to a desert yet. the nearest to malaysia is the australian outback, emmm…. 🙂

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