three pics today (day 364)

reaching the top of the staircases, i put a glance to my right and there sitting on the rim of mt. bromo‘s crater, zack, alif and yomi with our guide enjoying the views while having their snacks.

looking straight ahead, the crater (last eruption in january 2011) gives an otherworldly landscape for the eyes to absorb.

and upon closer look.

bromo tengger semeru national park, east java. february 2012.

the location:

17 thoughts on “three pics today (day 364)

    • thank you for visiting my blog. volcanoes always intrigued me, it’s fascinating, but deadly. i simply love the sulphur smell as we approached the area, it gave me thrills and not to mention, goosebumps as well!

    • the rim is so steep that one careless step can lead you straight into the crater. the strong wind added to my vertigo, so i decided to just sit on the black, sandy ground and enjoyed the view after snapping a few photos up there πŸ˜€

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