18 thoughts on “heavy traffic

  1. A couple of months ago a colony of ants decided to move into my house one evening, right on top of the carpet and under a plant stand in my living room. When I moved the plant stand it looked just like this under it, but a different kind of ant. x_x

    • whoa, that sure gives you a cringe! what did you do then? i had the same experience once, discovered a different colony inside my door (the door is hollow) after seeing them going in and out through a small hole on that door. i sprayed the aerosol and they kept on pouring out, like bubbles from a shake-up soda can!

      • Every minute or two I kept noticing random, large ants either on the wall on furniture, before tracking down a corner of the room that had more and more of them crawling across the carpet. A lot of them had wings too. After that was hand to hand combat for about an hour. I finally noticed a lot of them clinging to the legs of the plant stand and when I looked under there were lots of winged ants and piles of larva. That’s when the spray came out and everything was thoroughly covered with it.

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