20 thoughts on “critically endangered

  1. I always find it somewhat reassuring that the creatures we think so powerful and active (the Big Cats) are such prolific sleepers! Maybe there’s a little hope for me . . . 😉

    • oh, they were actually calculating whether its worth a try to ambush upon us or just wait for their scheduled meals which taste just the same, minus the effort 😀 kidding!

    • indeed. Malaysia government, together with WWF-Malaysia (I am one of the silent members 😉 ) were putting their best efforts to protect what’s left through various projects and donations. hopefully, it’ll make a difference..

      have a great day, cindy.

    • thank you, pablo. there are roughly 400 left, and WWF is doing their best to double up the number by 2022. hopefully our younger generations can still see them alive. hang in there, big cats!

  2. They rest, but what an amazing burst of muscle and speed they can muster when they do decide to move! This is a beautiful picture of them at their best.

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