three pics today (day 333)

same moon, 2 years apart.

ketereh, kelantan – december 2007

fraser’s hill, pahang – may 2009

berastagi, north sumatra – december 2011


25 thoughts on “three pics today (day 333)

    • hi david, thanks for the compliments. actually i just put the camera on the tea table from inside the cottage and exposed it for a few seconds. πŸ™‚

    • hi megan, thanks for visiting mine as well. actually i live in malaysia but indonesia is only an hour to 3 hours away in air travel, depending on the islands, and air asia is always offering cheap flight tickets. and they have volcanoes, which we don’t!

  1. I agree with Shutterbug and Joseph. The daisy photo is wonderful. Of course, the moon photos blow me away. Usually, I see close-ups of the moon. Here, you just dropped them in the sky and let them float. I like that….a lot.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to visit my space on wordpress, I look forward to following your works , your pictures are great and especially the way you have captured the moon , I wish you much happiness in life and invite you to visit my Aussie Ian wordpress site
    Emu aka Ian

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