a pic a day (day 70)

migratory little egrets escaped an impending gathering storm during the monsoon season by pulling off a flying v’s while returning to their colony of nests on trees near harvested rice fields in ketereh, kelantan. pic was taken late afternoon in december 2007 while the flock was crossing the airspace above my parents’ house.

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a pic a day (day 69)

lightning and thunder be damned! (actually there were none). a mother’s lifelong passion of playing in the rain was finally rewarded when a heavy torrential downpour came falling down after a hot dry spell. an almost 3 year old naomi anis (left) and her brother, 4½ year old nizwan alif (right) were invited to join in the activity just to show how much fun the adults were having when growing up. taken in the middle of a residence street at segambut under the semi-comfort and safety of an old but trusted umbrella. mid april 2011.

a pic a day (day 68)

layers of different tones created an amazing backdrop along state highway 80, mt. cook road which runs parallel to lake pukaki, one of the many jaw-dropping alpine lakes on the mackenzie basin. the terrain, with the distinctive blue colour of the lake is created by glacial flour and fed by the tasman river, nicely complemented by the beige colour of the dry winter grass and the green pines, walled by the distant snow powdered two thumb range and the blue sky, was the closest thing to a heaven on earth my sane eyes and mind could accede. june 2010.

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a pic a day (day 66)

a sweeping view of the mighty selangor river dam, destroyer of 2 native temuan villages and 600 hectares of rainforest. it lies 9 km east of kuala kubu bharu, selangor and became fully operational in 2005. pic was taken in december 2007 while on a quick stop on the trunk road (route 55) enroute to fraser’s hill in pahang, some 32 km away.

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